Welcome to Kavkazskiy District

Let me, on behalf of the residents of the Municipal Formation Kavkazskiy District, welcome you to the investment portal!

IТm pleased to introduce our territory as a platform for profitable capital investment.

The Kavkazskiy District with administrative center in the town of Kropotkin is a new and young Municipal Formation of the Krasnodar Region.

Today, the Kavkazskiy District is a district with a modern farming agriculture, animal husbandry, traditions and way of CossacksТ life and it has the latest equipment and technology in industry, education and health as well.

The Kavkazskiy District is a transport hub of the south of Russia.

Powerful foreign trade and transit flows of cargo go through the Kavkazskaya railway station (Kropotkin) connecting all territories of the Krasnodar Region and the south of Russia. Kropotkin is also a major road junction. There is a federal highway "Kavkaz" and a road of regional significance "Temryuk Ц Krasnodar Ц Stavropol" here.

There are more than 84 industrial enterprises in the district. The volume of investment by large and medium-sized enterprises of the town amounted to 1194.8 billion rubles for the first 9 months of 2017.

415.9 thousand tons of grain and leguminous crops, 301 thousand tons of sugar beet, 26.4 thousand tons of sunflower seeds and 8.3 thousand tons of meat were grown, as well as 10.6 thousand tons of milk and 8.9 million eggs were produced by agricultural enterprises during 2015.

The investment potential of the district is represented by industrial zones both in Kropotkin and in the Cossack village of Kavkazskaya. Zoning of the territory was performed, and investment sites were identified for investment projects. The general plans of Kropotkin and all rural settlements were approved. Materials for 13 new investment proposals were developed for presentation to potential investors. In particular, a plant for the production of vegetable and fruit juices, a dairy farm, a plant for drying and freezing of agricultural products, a workshop for the manufacture of metal products and others are expected to be created in the district.

The Municipal Formation has great potential for the development of fuel and energy complex. The oil transshipment point steadily operates and is actively developed in the district.

There is a project on constructing Kropotkinskaya Oil Pumping Station by Caspian Pipeline Consortium Ц Russia, CJSC (the Cossack village of Kavkazskaya), a project on constructing an oil terminal by Naftatrans, CJSC (the Cossack village of Kavkazskaya), the reconstruction of the plant by Krop-Pivo, LLC (the town of Kropotkin), and the construction of a cardboard factory (the town of Kropotkin) among the largest investment projects successfully implemented in the district.

We are ready to consider any alternatives of cooperation. We provide full support and the most favorable conditions for the implementation of business projects to our investors. I hope that your interest in the Kavkazskiy District will lay the foundation of a fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Head of the Municipal Formation Kavkazskiy District
Iu.A. Hanin